About Us

About Us

A yacht charter with South Pacific Sea Adventures is a dream vacation by anyone’s definition. We offer fully-crewed yacht charters on a variety of luxury sailboats (check them out!) as well as sports fishing, diving and whale watching charters throughout the islands of Tonga, Fiji, and the South Pacific. Charter any of our yachts and sail among pristine islands rimmed with white-sand beaches. Swim with whales, sports fish, snorkel and scuba dive or just swing contentedly from a hammock in quiet seclusion.

Book a charter anywhere in this stunning sailing area. Enjoy the charming island villages and secluded beaches found in the Kingdom of Tonga, the coral beauty of Fiji, venture to the Cook Islands or bask in the traditional lure and diverse beauty of French Polynesia. Set a course for adventure! These magnificent sailing grounds hold exhilarating adventures at every turn. Sail with us from one golden beach to another and immerse yourself in traditional South Pacific hospitality and relaxed way of life.  Book now and enjoy a sailing, diving, fishing or whale watching charter sure to be packed with memories to last a lifetime.

We are headquartered in Tonga, the Pearl of the Pacific

Tonga offers exotic ports of call and line-of-sight sailing from one spectacular palm-fringed island to another. Rimmed by brightly colored coral reefs and teaming with tropical fish the Kingdom is the embodiment of a South Pacific paradise. From July through October, you can also swim with humpback whales, one of nature’s most magical creatures. Given the rich diversity and abundant choices, it is easy to see why a sailing vacation in the islands of Tonga will inspire warm memories.

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