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South Pacific Sea Adventures is your opportunity to sail stress free anywhere in the South Pacific. Each charter is just you and your friends (total of 6 passengers maximum). It is private and an opportunity to visit beautiful and exotic ports of call on a fully-crewed 52′ luxury sloop or 43′ catamaran.

Life aboard is casual and easy. Pack lightly. You won’t need much. Curl up on deck with a good book, snorkel, go for a dive, kayak, hike or just a walk on the beach. It’s up to you.

It’s a completely different world aboard. The minute you stow your gear and sip your first rum drink the island rhythm takes over. Days are marked by sunrises and sunsets; how much or how little happens in between is completely up to you. You’ll wake up in the morning with nothing to do and by the end of the day only be half done. That’s part of the charm. And when it’s time to weigh anchor you can help the crew raise the sails or just lean on the rail and watch dolphins ride the ship’s wake.

A South Pacific Sea Adventure is an all inclusive charter experience (except for alcohol, which you can bring yourself or we can buy for you). We provide meals, snacks, beverages, accommodations and crew the boat. We’ll serve freshly caught fish, local island meats, fruits and vegetables and prepare them local style or any way you like. You have the opportunity to be a hands-on crew member or an honored guest—all while visiting some of the most exotic ports-of-call in the world! We try to anticipate your needs and make sure there’s never a hassle about navigation, provisions, or vessel maintenance. For the duration of your charter, your wish really is literally our command.

To get started, you will need to give us a little information such as the location you prefer and anticipated dates. Within 24 hours of receipt, a representative from South Pacific Sea Adventures will call you to discuss your plans, talk about what to pack, the best airports for arrival and departure, your dietary preferences and answer any other questions you may have. South Pacific Sea Adventures is available 24 hours a day to help answer any questions.

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