Scuba Diving

Tonga’s sea has visibility of forty meters and water that averages 25°C (77°F) year round. The Kingdom’s rich varieties of hard and soft corals, stunning sea fans, reefs teeming with fish, sharks, manta rays, nudibranchs, crustaceans, banded sea snakes, spotted-eagle rays and sea turtles provide a distinctive underwater landscape. Vava’u, our backyard, is replete with dramatic drop offs, caverns, chimneys and underwater arches, which in combination with the area’s varied sea life provide a world-class diving experience.

Beyond the reefs, wrecks and caves is the opportunity to observe and swim with Humpbacks in the water. From Mid-July to October Humpbacks migrate to these waters for breeding. Literally thousands of whales visit Tonga waters every year. South Pacific Sea Adventures is a licensed whale-watch operator and provides divers the chance to swim with and photograph whales in their natural habitat.

We operate “Jocara,” a 52′ luxury sloop complete with a Bauer Junior dive compressor to refill tanks. Bring your own gear or use ours. Custom design your unique dive charter aboard “Jocara’—for a day or a week—or aboard “Ikuna,” our six-meter dive boat, for a day trip to any of the reefs or caverns in the local area. Rates start at USD $150 per  person per day. Contact us anytime to book your trip.

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