Most Adventurous


This is a sailor’s adventure as it is a two-week trek through the Tongatapu, Ha’apai and Vava’u island groups. It includes two overnight ocean passages as well as island hopping at the most interesting places.

We meet you at the wharf in Nuku’alofa where you can unwind after your flight. First night is an opportunity to meet your crew, settle into your cabin and get situated. The next two weeks we steer course north and visit some of the most beautiful islands you have ever seen. We will drift dive Limu Island’s extraordinary channel through its protective reef, stroll on endless beaches, visit some of Tonga’s interesting villages situated on the outer islands, have a few cookouts and learn a little Tongan style along the way.

The last five days are spent in Vava’u among its pristine islands where you will meet interesting people, snorkel pristine reefs and a few of Vava’u’s famous Swallows and Mariners cave.

RATES  (in US dollars), Fourteen Nights

Two people: $600 per person per night
Three people: $480 per person per night
Four or more: $425 per person per night

Rates are all inclusive except for airfare and alcohol

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