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Our Vava’u (vah-VAH-oo) charter is our most popular and includes a fully-crewed sail charter aboard our 52′ luxury sloop, “Jocara.” You will sail throughout the many islands in the group, stroll spectacular beaches, fish, dive and of course learn a little Tongan style along the way.

The Vava’u archipelago is composed of 60 islands distributed over a sea area of 18nm east-west and 16nm north-south.  On average, for every nautical mile a vessel travels—in any direction—there are 4.8 picturesque islands.  Incredibly, Vava’u was the last region of Tonga discovered by European pathfinders.

The two largest islands, ‘Uta Vava’u (OO-tah vah-VAH-oo) and Pangaimotu (PAHNG-eye-MOH-too), are separated by a narrow stream at high tide and surround one of the largest, most sheltered natural harbors in the South Pacific.  Much of the archipelago features deep seaways that wind, fjord-like, around islands more than 300ft in height.  Over 20 locations provide good overnight anchorages, and far more are suitable for day use, presenting limitless choices for exploration, snorkeling, diving, fishing, or just lying about on the beach.  Get ready for a tropical climate, warm sea, swaying coconut palms and long stretches of white-sand beaches. The Vava’u archipelago is a Polynesian heaven and world-class sailing ground.

RATES are in US dollars, Charter from 2 to 10 nights (or longer if you prefer)

Book any dates between December 1, 2015 and May 31, 2016

Two people: $550  $385 per person per night
Three people: $430  $300 per person per night
Four or more: $375  $265 per person per night

Rates are all inclusive except for airfare and alcohol.

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