Charles Paul CEO

Charles left the ranks of the investment banking world in 2004 and started an online business that publishes children’s artwork. He sold that business in 2013 and now decided to be happy and cast off the heavy lines of the financial and entrepreneurial worlds and just go sailing. He is now a permanent resident of Tonga and serves as the CEO and Base Captain of South Pacific Sea Adventures.

As for sailing and seamanship, Charles has sailed boats since he was 14. His first sailboat was a 16’ Snipe he built from a kit. From there its been a steady progression from small sloops and catamarans to a 35’ Robb Lion, “Black Witch,” he purchased in 1978 and sailed extensively along Florida’s east coast and the Bahamas selling her in 1982. In 1984 he moved to San Diego and purchased “Tigress” a Cheoy Lee Lion he skippered throughout the waters in Southern California and Mexico and sold in 1990. In 1996, he purchased the schooner “Bird of Paradise” another product of the Cheoy Lee shipyards—this one designed by Bill Luders of 1970’s America’s Cup fame.

Since 1996, Charles has logged almost twenty-thousand ocean miles sailing all the inhabited islands of Hawai’i, equatorial islands such as Palmyra and Christmas Island, the principal archipelagos of French Polynesia and the entire Kingdom of Tonga. His many skills include navigation (both digital and celestial), piloting, seamanship, systems engineering and minor engine repairs.

In 2004, he authored and published Sailingbird’s Guide to The Kingdom of Tonga, the definitive guide to sailing and diving in Tonga. The guide remains in print and is the best-selling guide to Tonga. You can actually download a copy here for free by clicking this link.


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